Year of Jubilee! Celebrating with the Queen

Dressing up this afternoon in my red retro queens guard jacket, my blue London Cap and the kids all dressed up we took the train to join thousands of people going to the embankment to watch the queens flotilla among 1,000 boats. We were privilege to have watched it from the rooftop and it was truly magnificent.

The culture, heritage, rich history unfolding itself for all to see, I was more proud when I saw the flag of Nigeria roll by among the over 54 countries all beautiful arrayed over the Thames river. As a Nigerian and British by birth, I love the Queen for her dedication to her subjects, for the whole 5 hours Her majesty stood waving in her crystal white dress, at 86 years she is still faithful to her duties and I think loved now more than ever.

How I wish Nigeria was like this, where we take pride in our heritage and rich culture, instead its continues to be a country of greed, where everyone is after what they can get for themselves, if Abacha can embezzled an estimate of $1.4 billion dollars!.

Sometimes I wonder and feel sad in my spirit, when a continent so rich in all material and natural wealth to become a power first world citizens rather we will continuously remain as a third world citizen.

third world countries usually struggle to earn money. this then results in less food for citizens not very much clean water and no electricity. because of the low money, citizens also struggle to keep healthy, and therefore may catch diseases and die at a very young age.


Sometimes I wonder if we still had the Queen as our Sovereign ruler, things wouldn’t have been better, at least there will be accountability and justice.

God save the Queen!