Wow! Adult’s that like diapers and feeding bottles. The 15 Stone Babies. Watch video!

Africans will say, ‘if you have not tried visiting someone else’s farm, you will always think your dad’s farm is the biggest in the world!. Having lived here in the U.K most of my life and travelled most continents, once in awhile I still come across situations or news that just simply blows my mind. One of them is the Channel four documentary ‘The 15-Stone Babies. 

Adult living their lives as babies, choosing not to grow up or living partly living their life as a baby and when I say baby, I mean babies with adult diapers, baby food, cot, feeding bottles, high chair and baby clothes!. They are called ‘Adult babies’ and in the USA alone there is up to 3 million, the regression to babyhood with all its trappings, of soiling their pampers, bottle feeding with some of them sucking dummies is  all too much for me to understand.

All I can say as my mother will say, It is wealth and the spirit of ‘I have it all’ that kills people, poverty and ‘I am striving to survive’ spirit does not. Meaning it is when your belly is full that you will indulge on such things as these.
I doubt this happens in the countries where people are finding it hard to survive due to lack of food.!

God help us all!