Top 3 things marriage is Not! – Are you getting married? video

Recently I wrote about Top 3 things you need to know before you get married. Today I continue with what marriage is not!.

Marriage is every little girls dream, to be swept off their feet by a tall handsome, rich prince and live happily ever after the ‘pretty woman’ syndrome!. How I wish that was really true.  Marriage my friend is no fairytale and definitely not a ‘Mills and Boon’ fantasy story. The marriage misconception and misrepresentation by the media, love films, romance books has given us a false premonition of what a marriage should be, not realising that these are just fiction stories conjured up to make blockbuster films or no 1 best seller books.

It is not surprising to therefore hear that the level of divorce over the years has quadrupled and shockingly half of the divorces are from Christian backgrounds.

Marriage sadly is the only institution you enter without a certificate, to go to university you have to proof that you are capable to understand the teachings by producing you A’level results, without good grades you will not be accepted, however with marriage you enter without any preliminary test. Luckily over the past couple of years, marriage courses are springing up to educate both male and female on what ‘marriage’ is really about.

I strongly encourage you to enrol yourself into one of these schools or courses to see if you are both entering it for the same reason and if you are compatible with each other.

Point one: Marriage is NOT a bed of roses. Like any good business, for it to be successful, there must be commitment, hard work, trust and vision. Every business starts small with a vision to grow into a global market, starting with set goals, they work tirelessly on it till it becomes successful. The more hard work they put in it, the more the success. Their strategies may fail from time to time, but they learn from it and start with a new approach. Sooner or later like Steve Jobs Apple Ipad they become a global icon!. Or my little start up wedding website for showcasing your wedding

The success of any marriage takes two individuals to succeed, the base ingredient is love and trust. Like a business to succeed both parties must be equally committed, NOT ONE SPOUSE COMMITMENT, with a vision of what they want from the marriage and then working on the goals to attain their dreams.  A beautiful loving home, beautiful well balanced children. All this needs daily input of  caring, prioritising, job sharing, parenting, pampering each other, carrying one another, encouraging one another, believing in one another, cherishing one another. The measure you put in is the measure you get back.

secret one: Women are quick to fall in love and sacrifice their all for the one they love. All you need to do is cherish them, treat a lady like a delicate rose, pamper them like a lifeline you without. Like the clothes you wear, without it you will be naked and called crazy. So is a woman they are clothes designed to fit tightly around a man’s body. However clothes need a ‘handle with care’ touch to make them look immaculate every time.

‘MARRIAGE DOES NOT SUCCEED ON FEELINGS, it succeeds with love, dedication, commitment, endurance’ Kim Kardashian’s wedding  lasted  only 3 months and cost $10 million dollars to stage

watch out for : Point 2

Nick and Kanae – true love, committment and dedication (my hero!)