International Women’s Day 2012

Women’s rights have come a long way since the first International Women’s Day in 1900.
Today all around the world, women are celebrated for their strength, their wisdom and their love. As the Africans say a world without women is an unthinkable world, for behind every success of a man there is always a woman.

Today there are currently 17 countries that have women as there head of states and the number is growing, in Africa women can be seen in all major sectors of the government, women nobel laureates, CEO of companies etc. from Lady President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, to our own Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, or the young fiction writer Ngozi Adichie who won the Commonwealth writers prize and the Orange prize for fiction

However, women in third world countries and the middle east are still regarded as second class citizens, some have no rights at all, girls as young as 9 years given off as brides, forced arranged marriages, rape and abused victims, subject to violence and oppression and denied of their basic human rights. 

This week Afghan President Hamid Karzai was proudly quoted as saying ‘men are fundamental and women are secondary‘! Girls are hardly educated, given them a lesser chance to be financially Independent.


The fight for women to be treated with dignity is still far fetched, but we are gradually moving towards our goal.  The more women in Positions of power the better. Hopefully the boardroom quota for women will be put in place and more women will rise up to the challenge of giving their voice to the world which is desperately seeking and crying for a mother’s touch!.
Happy women’s day!