Nigeria’s First Transgender Man Takes Part In Beauty Pageant As a Woman

Ms Sahara the ex- he did extremely well in the Miss International Queen pageant where he came 1st Runner Up. Not since Agbani Darego took home the Miss World crown in 2001 has Nigeria done so well in an international beauty pageant.

Meet Miss Sahara also known by his legal name Oche who is based in the UK. He is a transgender man. Oche who was born male took part in the Miss International Queen beauty pageant which is strictly for transgenders last year. For those that don’t know “transgender describes a person, male or female, who dresses, behaves or presents themselves in a way that is different from their gender norm. Transgender includes transvestites/crossdressers, Drag Queens/Kings. It does NOT include transsexual people”.

‘Transsexual’ describes a person, male or female, born with a congenital neurological intersex condition (Benjamin’s syndrome). Although transsexualism almost always requires some form of medical intervention up to and including genital surgery, it is not defined by, nor restricted to, that treatment.

For those of you concerned about his safety in Nigeria seeing as he is breaking the country’s strict anti gay laws. Sahara/Oche is safely tucked away in the UK…so no 14 years jail time for him.

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