Five Jealous wives rape husband to death!

An African adage says, ‘it is what you know how to eat that will eventually kill you, if care is not taken’. Well this weathly man used his money to buy death!. Imagine having six wives, all under one roof, what else will the man die of if not ‘womanabomba!. Revolution of the wives caused the poor man to die, something that wouldnt have happened if he only had one wife!. A lesson to all the brothers out there.

A wealthy businessman – and husband of six – has died after allegedly being forced into a marathon sex session with his ‘jealous’ wives.
Nigerian Uroko Onoja was having sex with the youngest of his spouses when the remaining five are reported to have set upon him with knives and sticks – and demanded that he have sex with each of them too.
Mr Onoja went on to have intercourse with four of his wives in succession, but ‘stopped breathing’ as the fifth was making her way to the bed in Ogbadibo, according to Nigeria’s Daily Post.
Two women have been arrested following the incident in the state of Benue last week, said the report, which used the term ‘raped to death’ to describe the businessman’s fate.