wife sells husband online!


You’d like to think that your wife would stand by you no matter what. You’d also like to think that she wouldn’t try to sell you off on DoneDeal.ie, but hey, you never know…

Actually, auctioning off her husband is exactly what this poor wife did. You know what they say – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. We’re not exactly sure what the poor chap did. From his pictures he seems relatively useful.
He can take out wheelie bins, hold an umbrella and sleep in an upright position – clearly all useful traits for a spouse to have. He also looks like he’d be a bit of a laugh, but evidently he did something that rubbed his missus up the wrong way because he landed himself on a buy and sell website.
You can tell that the woman who posted the ad was a bit miffed at the time she decided to get rid of her hubby for once and for all. The details about this jilted husband are sparse.
The title is the simple but obvious “Husband for Sale” and he is listed as having 14 years’ experience as a husband. The word ‘loyal’ is thrown in there, possibly to encourage a quick sale. He’s 5ft 4 and comes with absolutely no extras at all.
Someone clearly thought this was an amazing deal because the husband was snapped up and sold.
We wonder if some fellow husband felt sorry for him, if another woman fancied his umbrella-holding abilities, or if his scorned wife calmed down and offered to buy him back.
Anyway, the question remains. Just what on earth did this guy DO to warrant his wife putting him up for sale?