Hilary Clinton in Nigeria as Deeper Life Pastor gets executed!


Hilary Clinton’s visit to Nigeria as stated by the U.S. is to: to help Nigeria develop an intelligence coordination centre that would assist the country in integrating information.  That is helping to develop Nigeria’s forensics and investigative procedures, However, as a Nigerian, I would love for the whole Boko Haram group to be labelled as a terrorist group and classify it a domestically focused group, how many will they have to kill, already President Goodluck has been threatened and advised by the group to convert to Islam if he wants to remain alive or resign.
The unlucky targets so far are the Christians as we see another Deeper life church being targeted. Lets hope Mrs Clinton will see the group for what they are, a threat both nationally and globally as the Association of Nigerian Christians present their letter of concerns to her.

Our condolences to the families and to the general Overseer, pastor Kumuyi
Founder of the Deeper Life Bible Church Pastor Kumuyi, has expressed deep sadness and sorrow at the attack on a Deeper Life church in OkeneKogiState in which not less than 20 people were left dead.
According to Pastor Kumuyi, “It is hard to reconcile that peace-loving people, sitting in their church, and listening to Bible Study were gunned down in cold blood by people they had done nothing to provoke.” He went ahead to describe the attack as “not only wicked, but utterly premeditated.”
The clergy pointed out that killings and destruction have been going on particularly in the northern part of the country for too long, and each time they occurred, the usual condemnations are made, but thereafter, the people are left without any assurance of their security and safety. He then added that no nation can continue this way.
He however urged the government to come to terms with the fact that a large number of people are being sent to their early graves, even as law enforcement agents seem unable to provide the required protection for all law-abiding citizens. He also urged more prayers by Christians across the nation, adding that when Christians pray, the Almighty God answers.
In his words: “If the body of Christians would rise up and pray, and the law enforcement agencies would intensify their efforts to combat this creeping instability, the killings and destruction in our country would be stemmed.” He then sent his condolences to the families of all those who were killed in the attack, and prayed for the quick recovery of all those injured by the gunmen. He assured them that he will continue to pray for them.