I ain’t too proud to beg – Monday Blues!

Woke up this morning freezing cold, its winder and dark outside still. Monday morning gotta wake up to go to work, should I ‘phone in sick syndrome’ kicked in, nah can’t do that, don’t know why I always think of it every morning and know I can’t do it!

Anyway rolled out of bed (I think my body is nightly inflated with air, every time I wake up to look in the mirror, I cant seem to see me) my nanny mama Ibeji(African name for mother with twins!) has started singing happily away, morning devotion @5.50am!, where the woman gets the strength from I don’t know.

Rushed in to have a shower before I join her and the rest of the family, brushing my teeth, looking into the mirror again, Hmm these grey hair have started springing up again, not sure if it is old age or mid life crisis. Another dash of dye will do the job, must remember to buy one on my way back from work. Lord when am I going to start this 4- hour work week’ lifestyle of the rich, that is what I really need, less job more money. My 02 Zafira definitely needs a 2011 replacement, I love those Lexus Jeep and we are in November already ! Entrepreneurship that’s what I need,

my dad always say ‘nine to five jobs is for food, business is what brings wealth (another African saying)

Am going to search online this week and see what I can get. All I need is a brainstorm, plug-in, jumpstart, a zap from heaven, to get that idea and also vision helpers to push me out of my mediocre circle. I certainly need God’s wisdom in great dosage and desperately. Better get praying so on my knees I join the fellowship, singing melodious songs to my creator. Hearken unto my cry Jesus!. Thirty minutes after well I’m filled! Morning dosage received, am energized, hopeful and expectant for great things to come. Off to work!

Have a wonderful day y’all!