Oakland university shooting 40yr Doris Chibuko among dead victims

The saddest thing that could happen to an African in diaspora whose main purpose of leaving his or her native land or Country to a foreign land is to seek greener pastures for themselves and their family, to tragically meet with the misfortune of Death. It is indeed sad because you wonder whether it would have been better to remain in their homeland and live than travel abroad and die. This however, is where as an African we say ‘God is greater than man’ for He only knows our end from the beginning and as Man we can only do that which we think is reasonable and trust God for the rest.

Sadly for 40year Old Ms Doris Chibuko a qualified lawyer in Nigeria, a mother of three who decided to seek greener pastures in USA where she was eight months into her one year vocational programme studying nursing met with her untimely death. Ms Doris was among the 7 victims gunned down by lone gunman One Goh a student  himself who went on a rampage killing in the quiet Christian  Oikos University San Francisco.

We pray Gods strength for the family, the husband and children left behind.

R.I.P Doris May your gentle soul rest in peace (Amen)

I also pray the Hand of God rest upon us all and keep us always from harm’s way.(Amen)