Coalition For Marriage

With the UK government policy to redefine the institution of marriage, from a male and female institution to a same sex institution, it is paramount as an African and as a Christian to stand for the Integrity of God.

It should not be a case of a group of activists and 1% of the UK population determine for the 99% of the nation. As a citizen of United Kingdom, I encourage you for the sake of your children and for the sake of God, to rise up to this challenge and prevent the destabilisation of the holy sanctity of Marriage. I would encourage you to read Dr Peter Saunders article ‘10 reasons not to legalise same sex marriage in Britain‘. So far over 100,000 has signed the ‘Coalition for Marriage petition and adding your name to the list will honour God and help shape your children’s better future.

May we carry the Light of God always. (Amen)