Good news: 3 Lady Nigerians climb the UK political ladder.

With the local elections over in the United Kingdom, the Nation at large turned their backs on the coalition party in masses, Labour party sweeping victory and taking majority seats. They were fed up with irrelevant laws pushed to the forefront and leaving the unemployment, housing and immigration in chaos. Instead we had the conservative party lobbying strongly on things like ‘same sex’ marriage which over 500,000 people signed a petition against any reformation. Their only consolation for the night was London Mayor Boris Johnson, the conservative candidate who prophesied in the recent Holy Ghost festival in April!.

Mayor Kate Anolue

Party Councils Councillors Total +/-
Labour 75 +
Conservative -42
Liberal Democrat -6

 Cllr Patricia Ekechi 

Among the Labour Councillors are our own Lady Nigerians. Among them are Mayor Kate Anolue, the new Mayor of Enfield Council, Cllr Nneka Keazor covering the Enfield Lock ward and Cllr Patricia Ekechi for Haselbury ward.

Cllr Nneka Keazor

We congratulate them all and wish them the best in their new government roles.