Nigerian Church use Sex to attract new worshippers! watch video

As a Christian activist, a hospital Chaplin and a street preacher, I take ‘Jesus Business’ very serious and the fact that as a Christian we are called to preserve the integrity of God, His Principles and His Ethos. I however become uneasy, sad and sometimes angry when I see Churches using unethical, selfish and cunning methods to manipulate the weak in pretence of doing God’s job.

Today a friend of mind sent me this poster, seeing that I voiced out about Pastors marketing themselves rather than God by using fancy banners. It says all the ‘HOT GIRLS’ in Lagos attend DR Fireman’s church!. He is a young pastor who likes the flashy things of life, with his taste in yellow cars, Hummer jeep and other flashy cars. His church members touch his feet with money to receive blessing from God.

It is sad that the Nigerian Government has not addressed this abuse of power blatantly going on in these money making churches, Why aren’t they monitored, why are they allowed to abuse the weak requesting feeding on their 10% tithe, only to spend it on flashy cars, gold watches, designer clothes etc. The question I ask people to ask themselves before they part with their money is this. If Jesus was on earth today will He do what what your pastor is doing? Will Jesus ride a hummer jeep or wear a Rolex? If the answer is No, then  so should it be with your pastor.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts!