53 year old Madonna flashes her boob in Islamic Turkey, Urgh! how sad.

When you hear an over 50 year old woman becomes a ‘flasher’ deciding to show her boob for all to see in public, you definitely know something is seriously wrong with that person. Can you imagine going out with your aunt to the shopping mall and she decides to lift her blouse and flash her boobs!.

53 year old madonna!
I will say she definitely needs help, like the ‘shrink help’, why would an old woman want to flash her boobs?, what is actually missing in her life?, what is she craving for?, or perhaps I am missing something here. The craziness for the old to become young and undergo tons and tons of plastic surgery to pull back their saggy skins due to daily torment of drugs, alcohol in take over the years. Growing old gracefully has become something of the past, all because of these so called ‘stars’.
cement filler bottom
The likes of Madonna, Joan Rivers, Jane Fonda all who have spent more on looking younger that they have lost the originality of who they were before, some of them you wont even recognise unless they tell you their names!.  Thank God at least the the men seem to be more grounded when it comes to plastic surgery.
Joan Rivers
What is more baffling is that nobody sees it as an act of disrespect to women or the Islamic state of Turkey but seen as a glorified ‘star’ act is quite frankly disturbing. No wonder young kids are confused and unsatisfied with the way they are. They either want boob implants at 15 or a bottom filler to match Beyonce, and have them filled with cement by quack doctors!
Donatella Versace
How I wish our young ones can see they are born naturally beautiful, and that beauty is from within. I don’t understand how all these people could be counted as role models, it is such a sad, sad world!