Shock: British Teens Have as Many as Seven Abortions!


You definitely know the morals of this country is way down the toilets, when you hear that teenagers who are still in secondary schools have had six abortions without their parents knowledge and sponsored by the UK government!.
The greatest challenge I have as a Nigerian mother is whether to send them back to Nigeria for a Christian

Education and to learn our culture and way of life.  Or leave them here in the United Kingdom and pray you have enough money to send them to a private college away from the public schools hunger to teach kids all about sex and nothing about morality and values. The irony of it is that the ethnic minority kids are the ones that suffer the most, ‘knowing their rights’ they can do whatever they please, and most of the time they end up leaving school at 16years still unable to read or write, on the other part, the elites send their children to private schools, were they are taken through the rudiments of life, both in education, sports, culture and discipline. They end up being the top of the leagues and get accepted into the best universities and best jobs in the UK.

New figures from the British government show hundreds of teenagers in the U.K. are having multiple taxpayer-funded abortions with three who had several government-funded abortions before their 20th birthday.
The Daily Telegraph newspaper obtained official NHS figures using a Freedom of Information Act request and determined that two teenage girls had their seventh abortion in 2010, the most recent year during which the government has figures. Another four teenage girls had six abortions paid for at taxpayer expense.