OMG hear my cry!

Another Sunday, call it tradition, call it Spiritual, call it addiction, my family and I HAVE to be in Church, how can you just not be in church, an African christian at home on a Sunday, men that is what we call Abomination!. You are sick, temperature so hot you can fry an egg on your skin, you better drag your butt to the Church.

If I don’t go to church on Sunday, I get withdrawal symptoms, panic attack and guilt. However, these days I have began to question my church going. Church has changed dramatically over the years, it isn’t what it was like when I was growing up. Churches now have classes, grades and levels, some are like fashion shows, where you go there to see what the latest fashion culture is, people go out of there way to dress up for church, with bags and shoes running up to over £1,000+. The Gucci, Prada, Armani, Louis Vuitton are always on show, designer shirts, suits, Rolex watches, then hit the car park!, well you will see Bentley, rolls Royce, BMW latest series, people rent cars just to come to church on Sunday to show off!.

I have been to a church where the choir leader or vocalist had a 40plus DD bust and squeezed it into this size 10 shirt and then wore those low level waistcoat to hold up the boobs that looked as if she had it on a tray! selling it to the congregation. I was shocked, embarrassed, can you imagine, you wanted to sing and worship God and all I could see was this gigantic thing swinging all over before me, it was disastrous, I just had to sit down and cover my eyes so I can concentrate and not laugh, can you imagine what the poor men will be going through!. what about the micro skirts where they cant even bend down.

The emphasis is no more on prayer, developing your spirituality, staying in holiness, fasting and prayer. I have seen Christians destroy each other with their tongues, sleep with each other etc.

Then there is the miracle churches, the green colour churches, the salt and ribena churches. Money bag churches, the occultism, remote control magnetized churches. I call them end time churches.

Do I still go to church despite all this,YES I do and I must, if I want to remain sane in this insane world and I will encourage to be steadfast in your calling and dedication. BUT, search, be careful and discern if your church is a Godly church with Gods principles and has Gods Kingdom as its primary focus, not based on earthly vision, material things that will cause you to walk on the road of destruction. I have witness friends who met up in church and destroyed the church. As well as it is important to go to church to build you especially when you are a foreigner in a foreign land, so a wrong church can destroy you spiritually and emotionally. Make your Bible your friend, husband, child, wife, first and the church second. I love a Godly church, it invigorates, empowers and unburden my problems, a church is like a shrink house, where you go to unwind and pour out your burdens and pressures and I have had a fair bit of it in my lifetime. In church I dance, I shout, I cry, I pray and I also laugh, its a drug house and I cannot do without it! That is why you see Africans going there in droves, when you take ecstasy or coke or alcohol, it gives you a high and after a serious crash landing with withdrawal symptoms, but with Church goers, it gives them a sustaining high till the next Sunday. Its our sustaining power(that’s the secret!)

Oh my God hear my cry and answer all my needs, this year is running to an end and my prayer request list is still very long!

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Hav’a fab week y’all!