Bimbo Olumuyiwa Oyewole Arrested For Using Dead Man’s ID For 20 Years! watch Video

There is an African saying that says.. If a lie runs round for 20 years, the truth will catch up one day!. Simply put, Life is a boomerang, it goes round and comes back at you, that my friend is the law of Karma.

As a Nigerian abroad, we have become immune to these news and perhaps in an indescribable way, sympathetic to both parties. I have read a lot of articles with regards to this news, while I do not condone anything that is illegal, I have witnessed the life of an illegal immigrant and it ain’t good. Dogs have a better life than some of them, you cannot work to sustain yourself, you cannot visit the hospital if you are sick, in essence you live life underground, nobody knows you are there. They are forced to live in squalor’s, I have seen some eat from dustbin, they sleep on streets, have no place to shower, I have seen people live in Bin shoots!. I recently wrote a blog asking people if they think it was a blessing or mistake, them coming abroad to seek greener pastures.

When you are hungry and desperate, you will do the unthinkable, is it right to steal a loaf of bread if you are staring at death? For this guy to use a dead man’s identity undetected for so long and in an airport with the highest level of security means he is squeaky clean apart from this identity fraud. My next guess is he got snitched on by another fellow Nigerian or perhaps his own family. As the saying goes, if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.

Sad story for both sides! One day a security guard the next day in an orange prison suit looking at 10 years imprisonment. Watch video

A lesson for us all!