Happy mothers Day 2012

On this glorious Sunday I say Happy mothers day to all our mother’s out there. 


To all who have there children with them, to all whom there children have grown up, left home and not turned back, to those whom have lost there children to death, for those who are praying to have their own children, for those who there children brought them joy, to those whom there children are lost and yet to be found, to those whom there children have disappointed them, to the black, white, yellow and blue mothers, we your children greet you all.

For in Africa, everyone old as your mother is indeed your mother, biologically or non-biologically. Your love is colour blind to children and so we honour you today.


We honour you with our gifts, our flowers, our smile and with our kisses. Mum, Mother, Mama, Mami, Iya mi remember always that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, whether you are alive or dead you will remain forever sealed unto our hearts.

For where will we be without you, the director of our lives to earth!, for your undying love, your patience, your forgiveness, your tolerance over us all, we say thank you. Without you we will be lost, without you we will have no identity, for when I was sick, you were there, when I was hungry you gave me food, when I was lost in hope, given up on life, thought nothing of myself, you were the one that saw otherwise, you were always praying for me, always telling me I am great, ‘don’t forget who you are!’ you will say, the best of the best,. when things were good you overwhelmed us with praises, yes that is my child but when things were wrong you choose to encourage us. ‘Dont worry my child, all will be well, you will see its just a matter of time, you will make it!.  

For all the times you wiped off my tears, for all the times you make me laugh in the midst of my crying, for all the times you showed me silently with your eyes that ‘I am here’. For all the times I heard my name in your prayers without you knowing, for all the times you refused to eat, sleep or drink just because of me. My mother, there is none like you, an idol like you is yet to be found, beautiful, gentle kind yet firm. Loving you always from the bottom of my heart. To all mothers, young, old, may you all reap the fruit of your labour, may you live long, with good health, wealth and joy and May the Good Lord who blessed you as a mother grant all your desires over your children (Amen)


E ba mi wa Iya mi lo nitori Orisa bi Iya mi osi o! Ajisafe, Lateleke, Odakata lola Olowo se bi tohun la nna. Omo Olowu odu, Omo won ni sora. Titi aye ni emi o ma se ranti re o. Sun re o! Sun re o! Sun re o!

Rest in peace Mercy Ekunola, Ajisafe! Iya rere, Iya adura