Nigerians to get five years US Visas


Nigerians wishing to apply for US visas will soon have cause to smile, as the US plans to invoke a reciprocity visa rule program for visa applicants from Nigeria.  Nigeria’s Ambassador to the US, Ambassador Ade Adefuye recently convinced the Nigerian Government to increase the visa validity of American Investors that meet the country’s visa criteria to five years.

The Nigerian Ambassador according to sources has also in recent months met with several top US government officials at the State Department in a bid to invoke the reciprocity visa rule and include Nigeria in its calendar.
A major part of this new visa development is the issue of visa reciprocity fees; reciprocity fee is what another country charges a United States citizen for a similar type of visa. The reciprocity rule in its last stages of approval might come with new visa reciprocity fees in the Non-Immigrant, and Immigrant Visa applications.
This development comes barely a month after naming the leaders of the Boko Haram group in Nigeria as terrorist. The agreement according to sources in the State Department was agreed in principle by the US and will commence shortly after final approval from the US Government.
According to African Searchlight investigations the Nigerian Ambassador to the US last week met with the new visa consular officer to Nigeria (Name withheld) at the Nigerian embassy and top amongst their discussion was the issuance of five-years multiple entry visas to Nigerians.
The new consular officer scheduled to resume next week in Nigeria is a lady, an African American, promise to implement positive reforms in the issuance of visas and using report of the visa office annual US report providing statistical information on visa issuance by US visa consular offices to serve Nigerians better.