Winners Chapel UK, accused of exploiting vunerable British citizens. £16.9 Million in donations!


What upsets me most about Nigerian Pastors and Pentecostal mega churches is their systematic manipulating methods used to milk the vulnerable  the poor and in UK,  the illegal immigrants of their bare minimum amount of finance they have in the name of JESUS!.

You are psyched into having ‘crazy faith’ to empty your pockets, write big amounts on your cheques, donate your one and only car, to get a bigger one in return!.  Its more like a money doubler business but in the case of JESUS CHRIST its even better its 100% return!.  I mean as an Investment Banker myself, there is no business on earth that can give you a 100% return on your investment in 1 year!. And the churches marketing skills is beyond PHD level, they know the right thing to say to make these people bring out their all and even borrow if need be.

I am still baffled as to how they can allow anyone to pay by credit card, knowing that this is borrowed money with extremely high interest, surely this should be a criminal offence!. 

After all this money is amassed and £16.7 million of it within 2-5 years the paper said. As a charity organisation I bet the percentage used towards helping and building the community around them will be zero to perhaps 10 percent I bet.  Where are the free schools, free hospitals, drug rehabilitation centres, youth hostels for runaway children, education programme for the poor. This surely is blatantly visible in the Catholic and Anglican establishment, take Pastor Sunday Adelaja in Ukraine, his church Embassy of God is more a social welfare establishment meeting the needs of every group and so big they have become a force to reckon with.
What is the point of amassing this wealth in the name of Jesus and yet not using 90% of it for his social causes, rather it is vice versa, 10% for church administration and marketing strategies and the rest to line the’man of God’s pocket, private jets, limousines, flashy houses, designer clothes all at the expense of the poor.
There is a song that goes ‘I want to be like Jesus’? I wonder what part in this equation resembles Jesus character at all.
Like the bible says, Nigerians How long will you lie there and sleep ? When will you get up,when will you wake up?Proverbs 6:9
Sunday mails newspaper reports Bishop Oyedepo’s Winners chapel UK chapter which is ran by his son David Oyedepo Jnr has been accused of ‘cynical exploitation’ after it received £16.7 million in donations from followers who were told that God would give them riches in return.
Followers are handed slips inviting them to make debit and credit card payments. Winners’ Chapel movement, which holds charitable status, have prompted the Charity Commission to carry out an assessment of the church.
Winners’ Chapel is part of a worldwide empire of evangelical ministries run by Nigeria’s wealthiest preacher David Oyedepo, who has an estimated £93 million fortune, a fleet of private jets and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.