From Child bride to Multi-millionaire!

Some time ago I wrote about an 81 year old Louise White who overnight became $336.4million dollars!. I mentioned to you then that a Yoruba adage says bori ba pe nile a dire’! (If your head stays long on the floor, it will bring blessings!) meaning If you are diligent in doing something faithfully, you will reap the reward one day!. 

Kalpana Saroj


Here is another story of ‘destiny’  An Indian Dalit (formerly untouchable) woman, who once attempted suicide to escape discrimination, poverty and physical abuse, becomes the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. A Dalit in India is an outcast who are treated worse than Dogs. Born into a low-caste Dalit family, she was bullied at school, forced into marriage at the age of 12, fought social pressures to leave her husband, before she tried to take her own life.


Louise White

Today, Kalpana Saroj heads Kamani Tubes, a company worth more than $100m, she is a multi-millionaire. At the helm of a successful company, she rubs shoulders with prominent businessmen and has won awards for her professionalism.

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India’s caste system is an ancient social hierarchy, which places people into different categories by birth. Those born into the lower castes have historically faced discrimination.
“Some of my friends’ parents would not let me in their homes, and I was not even allowed to participate in some school activities because I was a Dalit,” says the 52-year-old.
“I used to get angry. I felt really nervous because I thought even I am a human being,” she add

I was treated badly by my husband’s elder brother and his wife. They would pull my hair, and beat me, sometimes over little things.

 Today its a different story!.

In my Living years on earth, I have come to understand that it is not the level of knowledge you have, or perhaps whether you are born with a golden spoon in your mouth that determines your success in life. Even these two elements are definite catalyst to catapult you to greatness, it also depends on your ”destiny’, Yoruba’s will say ‘ori’, simply meaning ‘head’! .  If you are destined to become rich in life and has been written in your DNA before you landed on planet earth, no matter what happens, no matter the storms of life that may carry you, it will surely lead you to your land of abundance. Indians call it ‘Karma’, if you also have a bad one, no matter what to do in life, become a professor, even become the President of the world bank, something will happen that will take you back to the land of misfortune. As I always say, ‘Where my ‘head’ is going to reap wealth, joy and prosperity, I pray my legs lead me there.


What is the point of coming abroad to seek greener pastures and end up in 30 years jail for fraud, a typical example of this is former governor Ibori.  Governor Ibori started in United Kingdom as a cashier in a DIY shop and was sacked for fraud, then became lucky and was appointed a governor in the Oil rich state of Nigeria, alas he hit money big time, bought mansions everywhere, private jets, luxury cars etc, however he ended it all back where he started 16 years serving in Her Majesty’s prison.. That will not be our portion IJN.!