67 old grandpa dies in the middle of a lap dance act!

An African saying goes; when Death comes, I pray it meets me doing a good deed!. Can you imagine dying on a lap dancer, can you imagine the shock that will be on the gate keepers face when he meets him, well saying that I guess he must have seen worse than that, I remember when a singer died last year wearing women’s underwear, a bag over his head and hanging in the wardrobe, all for the pleasures of the flesh!.

This is what happened to this 67 year old grandpa, who should really be in his woolleys, warming himself with a hot water bottle, instead he goes to a lap dancing club and I guess gets a voluptuous lady to giggle her bits and wiggle her bum, the old mans heart couldn’t take the excitement and he dies of a heart attack. Paying for his own death. Why men do these things is really beyond my understanding. As I say, wonders never end!.
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