Another Nigerian shame, 15yr Ibraheem Giwa sentenced for rape


Leader of teen gang, Ibraheem Giwa, who raped girl, 11, when he was just 13 is jailed for five years

Here we go again, another Nigerian born teen brought over to take advantage of the priviledges and make better themselves, become a rapist at 13. Where are the parents of these kids is my question, when they were turning to be unruly and become little monsters, why were’nt they shipped back home before they became a menace to society.


  • Series of attacks took place on three separate dates
  • Involved up to eight members of the same street gang
  • Only two were convicted, but investigations continue
  • Ringleader, then aged 13, was jailed for five years
  • Judge said attack had ‘far reaching effects’ on victim
  • Thugs beat her up to make sure she kept quiet

How could kids so young be so evil, is it too much freedom, lack of discipline, lack of parental guidance? what is it?

The girl had met Ibraheem Giwa, now 15, at a summer camp and was raped by him in his bedroom in east London before he watched as six other gang members attacked her. more