OBAMA HONOURS Oluwatosin Akinduro: Gives Him US Citizenship

While many Nigerians back home are living with the harsh reality that some of those managing our national assets are only interested in what they can grab from the system, a young Nigeria, Oluwatosin Akinduro, made us proud in the United States on Wednesday.

We gathered that he joined a selected few US military servicemen who were awarded the American citizenship by President Barack Obama as part of activities marking the U.S Independence Day celebration.

Akinduro was sworn in as a US citizen by President Obama, in what is termed as the “naturalisation ceremony for active duty service members” and “as a mark of honour for the commitment of immigrants to America’s national security”.

Born in Lagos Nigeria, Akinduro graduated from a high school in Houston Texas and “joined the Army National Guard is search of new opportunities and a new challenge to lead by example”.

During the swearing in ceremony, President Obama singled Akinduro when he said: “We salute a young man from Nigeria who came here as a child…we are confident he will make a difference. We congratulate Oluwatosin Akinduro.”

Congrats to a good Naija ambassador, Oluwatosin Akinduro!