Sad story! 31 year old brilliant man eats victims face off! watch video

Something’s only happen in America! and these are one of the classics, can you imagine walking down the road and being grabbed by another passer by only for him to start yanking of your face and eating it!. God forbid bad thing.

Alas, this is what Rudy Eugene did to his friend. Why! Drugs, LSD and the guy didn’t stop till he was shot dead. Rudy was a brilliant children in school and a Christian, until he was hooked on drugs. Our children will not go down the road of darkness and death, they will not choose bad company that will lead them astray IJN.

Lesson to be learnt here is watch out for your children day noon and night, have an eagle eye, in front and at your back, who are there friends, where do the go, check there rooms, there diaries, there laptops, even there blackberries. A little word for the wise!. Cut off their wings before they learn to fly!. Bible says train your child in the way he should go and when he grows old he will not depart from it.

Armando Aguilar of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police told WSVN: ‘What’s happening is whenever we see that a person has taken all of his clothes off and has become violent, it’s indicative of this excited delirium that’s caused by overdose of drugs. ‘What’s happening is inside their body their organs are burning up alive.’

Rudy Eugene, 31, tore into victim’s face with his teeth and was growling like an animal
Unidentified homeless man recovering in Miami hospital
75 per cent of victim’s face chewed off in ‘some of the most horrific injuries staff have ever encountered.