Oh! Oh! Pastor spreads HIV to two female church members!

Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.. God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity..Romans 1:24

One thing am always amazed at is how people who are called ‘representatives of God’, Gods Oracle, Men of God etc are becoming more and more like ‘men of the world’ with no difference to you and I. They are no more heavenly connected, living in holiness, sensitive to the things of the Spirit, standing for the Integrity of God.

They blatantly abuse their positions, financially and mentally, the very people that seek them for counselling are the same people that become their prey. Well here is an HIV married pastor who decides rather than spread the ‘gospel of truth’ spreads intentionally the HIV virus freely to his church parishioners, committing adultery!. 

May God forgive him and may God help us all!
THE THORNY issue of the sexual infidelity of pastors is again in the news following reports that an ordained church minister, Craig Lamar Davis of Full Gospel Baptist Church, whose wife serves as executive assistant to internationally known US church leader Bishop Paul Morton, was arrested after it was discovered he had unsafe sex with two Christian women, and infected them with HIV/AIDS.

Davis’ actions came to light after one of his sexual partners, Ronita McAfee, filed for him to be arrested after she learned of his HIV status. Luckily she tested negative for the disease.
Davis is currently laying low after his wife paid for his bail and the story went viral on the Internet.
In one regard, this story is nothing new. There have always been Christian men who have taken sexual advantage of the women in their congregations.
However this story is disturbing because the minister, who was married, slept with women knowing that he was HIV positive, and in the process has put their lives in danger.
It seems that no woman, regardless of how committed to her faith she was, avoided Davis’ wandering eye. One of his ‘victims’ included a woman who served on the church leadership team where Davis was an armour bearer to the leader and had been celibate for 15 years. After she confessed her mistake to her Bishop she was asked to step down from her post, and more or less disowned by the church.
This story highlights what happens when Christians are not open about some of the sexual shenanigans of its members. Whilst the Bible makes it clear that sex is for marriage, believers make the assumption, wrongly, that all single Christians are celibate and married Christians are faithful to their partners. This is not necessarily the case.
As Davis’ actions show, the church has its fair share of playboys who take advantage of the lonely, vulnerable and sometimes willing women sitting in church pews.
Thankfully, gone are the days when messing about between the sheets could lead to perpetrators being named and shamed within their congregations.
But surely, new ways must be found to help Christians who struggle with their celibacy, particularly in these times, as sleeping around not only leads to unwanted pregnancy, but also, sexually transmitted diseases which cause infertility and sometimes death.
Churches should provide more forums where Christians can talk more openly about sex and share the struggles and temptations they experience. People should also be able to voice their complaints or concerns about sexual predators in their congregations and know they will be dealt with appropriately.
Thirdly, churches must ensure the individuals on their leadership teams behave with the utmost sexual propriety. And if they can’t or won’t, they should be made to step down until they can.
The case of Craig Lamar Davis shows that succumbing to sexual temptation can no longer be seen as a joking matter anymore. It can, literally, lead to death.