81 year old Louise White wins $336.4 million dollar!


Yoruba’s will say, ‘bori ba pe nile a dire’! (If your head stays long on the floor, it will bring blessings!) meaning If you are diligent in doing something faithfully, you will reap the reward one day!. 
I guess that’s what happened to 81 year of Louise white of New jersey who won $330 million dollars on the lottery!  Can you just Imagine,an 81 year old old lady, who is on the borderline to heaven. Christians will say ‘God sure works in mysterious ways!’, White who is also a believer said she has been truly blessed! And couldn’t believe it when her numbers was read!
White said: “We still didn’t believe it, so we turned off the computer and turned it back on and went back to the website and my numbers were still there.”
“We hugged each other and jumped up and down screaming! We hid the ticket in the Bible and went for breakfast on Sunday since we couldn’t do anything with it,” she added.
The Children and grandchildren now have a whopping inheritance!,
I must say the old is very smart, she asked for the cash in hand – $210million to put in a trust fund, at least she will enjoy till she goes to her grave and have the pleasure to give to whomever she pleases. I wonder how many relatives will be coming out now, maybe I am even related haha! I better call my dad to ask him and see how he is doing on the Euro lottery!
Well for those who believe in playing the lottery and those who don’t, we will not leave this country in vain, as a foreigner in Diaspora here to make a living, we will take the juices of this land back home, even rest in great wealth as Ms White has.
Keep your head up high, trust in your maker and keep your dreams alive, (ope oya, akololo a pe baba!) come rain, come shine, the stammer will call Baba one day!
African adage says: Where my head is going to proper stricking gold, may my legs take me there!. Louise White went with her son to by ice cream in a store and bought a $1 ticket that brought forth $336million!.
My head don’t sleep o!