1, 500 Nigerian students face deportation in UK

If you are in the United Kingdom on a student visa, you better make 100% sure that you check out the University you are registering with, apparently this year some Universities have been stripped of their ability to Sponsor foreign students beyond the E.U. countries. Well that spells catastrophe for the thousands of student in such Universities around the Country, Including London Metropolitan University.

London Metropolitan University has lost its “highly trusted status” because a survey found significant problems with the qualifications of many of its foreign students, Immigration Minister Damian Green said.

Lets hope the government here’s the plea of the students, or find new sponsors to finish their education.

London Metropolitan has 30,000 students, and 2,600 are affected by the government’s decision, said university spokesman Nick Hansen. Students from other European Union countries don’t need visas.
The affected students will have 60 days to find new sponsors once they are formally notified by the government, or they could be deported. A task force has been set up to help genuine students who otherwise qualify for visas, Universities Minister David Willetts said, but with the fall term imminent students have little time to find new sponsors and courses.