haha! Obama consults the ‘Higher powers’ for his upcoming election

We all know that President Obama of the USA, is walking on thin ice, with his upcoming election. The First Black President has been called the ‘First Gay president’ for putting his stamp of approval on ‘gay marriage’ this has brought out the fat cheques of the top guns in Hollywood and the rich Gay community to back him up with their money. However, he has managed to dissapoint a lot of people including the Christian black community and the great Catholic Church!.  At the moment things haven’t been running as smoothly as he would have wished for sooo.. here it is.

Picture of the week

The President has decided to go back to ‘his roots’ and well, consult ‘higher powers’ and with the look of things I think he could do better!. Or what do you think?  haha! ‘ I can only wish him the best!