3 Out of 10 Nigerian Men are not Biological Fathers of their Children, says DNA expert!


It just goes to show that religion has no positive impact on Nigerian society at all. Even though we are known globally to be the most religious country in the world, its all about what I can get from it. There is no fear of the Lord like in the days of Joseph we read in the bible.

‘Have sex with Potiphar’s wife and disobey God’. Even the Bishop’s and pastors sleep with their parishioners. Its all greed, and power. What is simply called ‘The affliction of the Super rich’! The wife either seeks solace in another mans arm because of loneliness or money. The man pursues women to sleep with them to prove to his ego that he can still do it. ‘Ive got the power’!. They sleep with girls, ladies, married women religiously to the point of addiction because they believe its a thing of pride, after all I have the money to buy women’s love.
Its a sad world and until the morality behind this unscrupulous pattern is broken, it will continue to get worse. Even the western world is not as bad as this. The government also has a part to play. If the country had a welfare programme to look after the unemployed, provide jobs for the young, then things will not be this bad. After all it is better to sell yourself than steal and get a tyre thrown round your neck.
Sad, Sad, world!.
The issue of asserting the paternity of a child is a very dicey one and has caused many surprises for men who thought they were the biological fathers of their children. It must be very heartbreaking for a man to think that he is the biological father of a child but after carrying out a DNA test, it proves otherwise.
In a recent interview with The Nation, a DNA expert gave some interesting statistics about the paternity of Nigerian men, saying that three out of every ten Nigerian men are not the biological fathers of their kids!

What we have found out is that, anytime we take ten men, at least three of them eventually found that they are not the fathers of the children they call their own. And these men would have taken care of the children for all their lives. Now, the global statistics is 100, 000 out of every 300, 000 men. But what we have found that is that the situation is higher in Nigeria than other places. For example in our laboratory here, 50 per cent of the cases comes out negative. And we also realised that majority of the first-borns are affected. You only need to be here to see big men cry like little kids and watch children weep in agony. It has been that bad.

He further noted that thirty per cent of fathers are unknowingly bringing up children who are not biologically theirs, and the percentage may be on the increase due to sexual recklessness. According to him, negative paternity results is both rampant in matrimony and casual affiliations.
I tell you, we have had series of married men come here and go back home devastated. In one instance, a man came here with his wife. Out of the five children he thought were his own, he discovered that only two belonged to him. And they are both duly married, living together as husband and wife. 
As someone who tests about 15 to 20 families weekly, he mentioned some instances that could warrant a man to take the DNA test.

People come here as a result of various types of controversies over the paternity of certain children. You know, families have come to us with claims that a child neither takes after the mother nor the father in looks and character. So, the man of the house would be curious to ascertain facts. And when they come here with such children, the fears of the fathers have often been affirmed. Fathers usually have the doubts; maybe he has been hearing some rumours, and you know, men are often the last to hear such things about themselves. Until many of them come here to take the test, they have nurtured other men’s children before realising it.

Now, this must have been really shocking for the men. Imagine experiencing the joy of conception, delivery, watching a child take baby steps, bearing the financial and moral responsibilities of raising the child, watching the child turn into a lady or gentleman… and then DANG! The child is not yours.  As a man, what would you do if you found out a child your wife or partner said was yours turned out not to be yours?
However, looking at the statistics, what do we make out of this? Do we conclude that the highly debated Durex report saying that Nigerian women are the most unfaithful in the world might actually be true? Why would a woman tell a man he is the father of her child when he isn’t? What can you make out of the statistics?