If I die, I die. #OccupyNigeria

Nigeria we hail Thee! I always remember the national anthem we sang when I was a kid, before it was changed in 1978 (still don’t know why) it goes..

Nigeria, we hail thee,Our own dear native land,Though tribe and tongue may differ,In brotherhood we stand,Nigerians all, are proud to serve our sovereign motherland’.

As a Nigerian in diaspora and one of the millions living abroad, I am so proud of my heritage, my motherland and my brethren’s on ground in Nigeria but I am mostly proud of the new generation who are so sick and tired of the enmasse blatant corruption by the government, the abuse of power, the lack of accountability, transparency . A writer once wrote ‘Abuse of power or authority may be the prime source and true essence of moral EVIL’.


Politics is a family business passed down from one generation to another, it beggars believe. As an investment Analyst with a Dutch Bank here in London, we yearly have to go through the ‘money laundering policy’ and guess who the case reference is. General Mohammed Abacha who systematically laundered $1.5billion dollars! to offshore accounts all over Europe. That is just one person. The lack of conscience of siphoning a whole nations wealth into individual pockets has become the norm in Nigeria. Can you imagine Nigeria has celebrated its 51st anniversary, yet no electricity, no roads and no free health or education.  

The Fuel subsidy withdrawal on 1st January 2012 is the straw that broke the camels back! and birthed what we now call #OccupyNigeria, it has now gone past oil subsidy to the voicing out of Nigerians tiredness of corruption. Following the footsteps of the Tunisians, the Egyptians, the Libyan’s. Nigerians have seen that there is power in the voice of the people when they come together as one. My prayer is that Nigeria will come out of this stronger.
If you havent joined the Nigeria go forward campaign then please do. #OccupyNigeria, learn your voice to the struggle, together we will overcome!.

Back to London!. I am always amazed how a thief, adulterer, drug addict etc can be given a glamorous name and treatment if you are rich. It is in this country that I see a rich man (Chef Antony Worrall), who goes to the supermarket steals bread, cheese, wine etc and goes for counseling or therapy, ‘I am seeking treatment!’. Nigeria we hail thee!, where is the ‘koboko’ whiplash!, the serious beating. How can you steal something 5 times and they say he needs counselling. If it was a black person, the police van would have taken them to prison, ending up with a criminal record, tarnish for life. I remembered when Tiger woods slept with 120 ‘white’ women and also said, I have been going to ‘therapy!. Can you imagine a Nigerian man saying that!

The job market is more competitive than ever with a high number of unemployed and that means less opportunity for the foreigners and worse off the over 40’s. It’s about time we start becoming entrepreneurs and property monguls. If you know of any business clubs, innovators clubs that educate and encourage people to become more financially independent please let me know. I will be launching a new project to encourage all Nigerians abroad to become possessors of the land!.

Have a fabulous week and give me shout out on my reply button if you have some news or want me to mention something!

PS: Kolade and Abbie congratulations on your new baby boy! Olorun a wo o(amin)