Happy new year 2012!

Congratulations and welcome to a new fabulous, awesome, groundbreaking, gobsmacking, amazing year 2012!.

I am so excited about this year as I am so such it is My Year!. I am in such great expectation for mighty wonderful things that will be happening in the house of the Falese’s. I’ve got so many projects to accomplish, its beyond believe, but I know I CAN DO IT! and YES I CAN!.  I have a whole 365, sorry 366 days to acquire my dreams and you bet I will get there by ‘fire by force’. My children already have their set goals for the year and so does my husband. We all have it written down and stuck onto our noticeboards.

As Nigerians abroad we do not take anything for granted and stirve to make use of every opportunity given, in studying, ministry, business and parenting. Our goal module used is based on the SMART objectives.
Your goal has to be: Significant, Meaningful, Achievable,Realistic and tangible within a given a timescale to accomplish.  What are your goals for this year? are you going back to Uni to get your masters or Phd!?

Have you got a business idea that will make you the next Steve Jobs or our own Dangote!, well now is the time to start on your business plan, get a mentor, research online and above all table it before God.
I believe this 2012 is for foreigners like you and I transform, inspire and revolutionize our circle of influence, perhaps through our moral standing our excellence in education, business accomplishment and innovative Spirit.

Have you got an idea you are working on and will like to share or meet like minds, well let me know, you can never tell. A yoruba proverb says ‘to ba dake, t’ara e a ba e dake‘ ‘if you remain quiet, your problems will remain quiet with you’ in essence, suffering and smiling! That will not be your portion this 2012! Tufia..

Most importantly above all is to ranti omo eni ti iwo nse ‘remember the son of whom you are’ an African child carrying the expectations of his ancestral lineage, to do well, to affect your society, to make your nation proud. Africans are always proud they said and they are very true!. We are proud of whom we are and so my friend, cherish your family the more this 2012, dont work all hours and leave your wife at home, am sure you must have heard of the cab driver that goes visiting lonely wives at night when their husband is on his nightwatch guard job, taking care of the husbands night duties at home!. Or the pastors child whom the police came knocking to tell the father his son has been arrested only for him to object that the boy is sleeping upstairs!, the boy is now in 18yrs imprisonment for gang rape!

Cherish what you have so you dont loose them all for peanuts!. There is just too much single mothers and baby fathers around which is definitely not an African thing.
I am so blessed with a beautiful family both here and in Nigeria, this xmas I came to realise how important family is hence the African adage’ Eniyan laso mi. My family is my clothes! The joy, the laughter, the tears you share together is absolutely unmeasurable.

To my sister Omowunmi Olagundoye, Pastor Bode fadojutimi, Grandma(whom Obama and his wife visited in Ondo, long story!) Bisola baby and the new Mrs Awosan  (www.OpeandNiyi.com), thnk you for a wonderful Christmas, the parties, engagement, wedding, the morning devotions and the gist’s all priceless.

From me to you, wishing you a happy new year and many blessings, may the Lord grant all your heart desires IJN.

Enjoy my 2012 message given to the children of God @ Christ Glory Church, Manchester