Bertram Silvera teenager spoilt for choice, Eton or Harrow?

As a Christians parent I am always reminded of the book of Proverbs, which says ‘Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it’.Prv 22:6

Mother & Son

 It is a sentence that weighs more than gold in my heart. As an African, raised in Nigeria I am always saddened, shocked and sometimes disgusted when I see parents with nonchalant attitudes towards their children. In the way they are groomed, mentored, disciplined and taught.  There is an alarming increase in black children dropping out of school, expelled or in juvenile or prison.  Most black children have no role models, in the Society or in the family to look up to, they have no positive figure to measure up to.

young prisoners
Expensive games, xbox, playstation, Ipad, Iphone are their only needs, parents failing them by giving their children gifts instead of time. Some Nigerian parents do 2 or 3 jobs, day and night, hardly have time for their kids and so the kids grow up on TV, or on the streets. We now live in a London where Nigerian kids are plastered over tabloids, TV, newspaper for Rape Adeoye, Robbery, Ositeku Murder and they are all in their teens or early Twenties. How can this be? Simple truth is down to parenting. The percentage of single mothers raising boys especially have quadrupled according to stats. The higher percentage of black boys leave school with no GCSE.
Teen Mum


That is not the story of for Teenage boy Bertram Silvera who at 16 is been fought over by prestigious schools Like Eton(most UK prime ministers came from there) or Harrow(Exclusive school for the royals)!
When you google up his name you will be amazed at his achievements, just watch his confidence on his you tube channel talking about Market Dominance or Developing Countries definition, my favourite is ‘Speak Out’, Challenge.

How did he become what he is today,His Jamaican parents Alsian and Kenneth Silvera  speaking to voice online said they also did their best to give him the support he needed at home.“All three of my children had additional tuition from a young age, because I think in those early years, between 0 and five, you set the foundation for the rest of their lives,” Alsian said. “No matter how tired I was at the end of the working day, I would read to them. They had libraries in their room. Bertram could not play playStation because I never bought one. He learned to love reading.” She said she saw signs of brilliance from an early age. “When he was only two he would come out with the most unbelievable words and phrases. Everybody said he was going to be something special.

Eton College


“He saw his brother and sister going off to university, so as a young child he would say ‘when I go to university’ not ‘if’ – it was instilled in him. I’ve joked that Bertram couldn’t even wait for university to fly the nest, but I know he is ready for this responsibility. I am so proud of him.” And so are we all!
Here is wishing Bertram all the best in the future!
Parents you have heard the formula for success in parenting, a word for the wise!