Funke Akindele! now Angel Falese carrys the Olympic torch!

While I am in love with Funke Akindele for her ingenuity, talent, style. Some of her choices, I have frowned at, such as her married to a polygamist, but hey who am I to challenge love, after all they say love is blind. I tell you now though, ‘Marriage is a eye opener’! and I can tell you that for a fact. So we wait and see where the story ends.

You will remember last month I questioned this ‘Nigerian stars’ doing us proud by carrying the Olympic torch Funke Akindele & Co carrys Olympic torch in Coventry. Well I can tell you their promoters and publicists did a good job as they were not carriers, what they did was get the tourch of the coventry Nigerians who had been nominated to carry and had a photo shoot after their run. If you are really a carrier the flame will be lighted while you are running not standing still with no flame!.

  How do I know, well here I am carrying the torch haha!. God bless our promoters, bloggers and news carriers!. How we are to know the truth in all these news that go around is a question you need to ask yourself.

Enjoy your weekend!