Baby born with hairy fur on face abandoned!


The destiny of a man or woman is only known by God our creator, who sent us on a mission here to planet earth, each one has an assignment, whether good or bad. Had it been every parent knows the destiny of their child from the beginning they would have kept those with good karma!
But as the good book says, God sees what no man can, He uses the foolish things to confuse the wise. There is Bill Clinton who was abandoned as a kid when his father died and later became the President of USA adopted by the Clintons!. There is Steve Job the Apple guy, abandoned by father, there is Fifty cent, Mary J blige, Halle Berry etc!. All I know is that God has a good plan for every kid if given the chance. Let us remember every child is a blessing from God!
A Chinese schoolgirl who is partially covered in black fur has been adopted after she was abandoned by her birth family.
Liu Jiangli, now six, was born with a thick coating of black fur on the left side of her face, as well as patches of it across 60per cent of her body.
Liu, from Zhongjie village, Qingzhen, southwest China’s Guizhou Province, also has black hair inside her left ear.
At the age of two her mother left the family home and shortly afterwards, her father took her to a kindergarten but never came back.
During Liu’s time at the kindergarten, she earned the nickname “little monkey” – a moniker which has sadly stuck.
She has been unable to make friends as other children are either frightened of her or taunt her about her appearance.