Man Kills Prostitute For Lying About Gender

The 7th commandment says, thou shall not fornicate, I guess 26 year old Kenyan didnt think there was anything wrong in it when he picked up a prostitute only to discover halfway through the paid service that it was more than he bargained for, the ‘she’ was indeed a ‘he’. Kenyan with anger that he was taken for a fool, then took matters in his hands, got a gun and killed the man. A lesson for us all ┬áto take heed.


A MAN has confessed to killing a prostitute on Christmas Eve after finding out that he was really a man.
Kenyan L. Jones, 26, from Kansas City, has been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting death of transgender sex-worker Darnell D. Pearson, 31.
Jones told police that he picked up the victim and paid for sexual services on the premise that he was paying for services with a female prostitute. Shortly into their liason he became aware Pearson was actually a man.
He then left the scene get a handgun before shooting Pearson to death.
Police said they found the Pearson’s body after receiving a phonecall from an eye witness who say they saw a man in a hoodie running from the scene.