Haha! Pastor Tunde Bakare at his best once again! ‘Pastors with Jets, Imprison them (watch video)

Lately Nigeria has been buzzing with the ‘Jet Pastors’ The Elite small number of Bishops, General Overseers, etc who have acquired Private planes and Jets to their wealth portfolio, this week it is Pastor Oritsajefor, who it is said his church memebers bought as a birthday gift.!, all under the pretence of them being in a rush to take the Gospel to eh!, London, Kenya, USA, etc, what I want to ask them is whether they have taken their ‘Gospel Jets’ to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Palestine, countries in war zones that desperately need to hear a word of hope, that is if indeed they are in a rush to take the gospel to the four corners of the earth!.

Here comes in my favourite outspoken Pastor, the overseer of Latter Day church an ex top inner circle of the Redeemed Church of God, indeed a once rightman of Pastor Enoch Adeboye. Here is what he said

All General overseers and religious leaders must go to prison, so they can feel the Nigerian situation. Lock Pastor Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuyi, myself and others up in a Nigerian prison, may be if we come out we will change and put the interest of our people first.

“This is not the first time I am saying it. I know I will be quoted tomorrow. If the revolution does not begin in the church or mosque, Nigeria will not change. Dubai (United Arab Emirates) once came to Nigeria to borrow money; what stopped six Dubais from happening in Nigeria is the corruption of our leaders.

“Preaching greed is sin, we have the confidence of millions of people and continue to fail them. That must change. Let’s take stones to the churches and mosques. Let the revolution start from there. Ask your religious leaders were they get the money they are spending lavishly from. Ask them were they get the wealth they use in purchasing private jets from.

“Except these institutions change, the country would not move forward. If revolution does not start from the churches and mosques, it would not spread. They are the ones controlling millions of followers. Any preacher who takes advantage of the people has the hottest place in hell reserved for him,” he said.

Well here is what public opinion thinks about it!