Isola Adeyomi Adeoye jailed for raping 14-year-old girl

Ignorance is no defence or excuse when it comes to the law states Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General for England and Wales. Time and time again I have heard of stupid young men who throw their entire lives away, flushed down the toilet, all for a 5 minutes or even seconds thrust..

Not only does he throw away his life but the 26 year old Nigerian Isola Adeyomi Adeoye (from a royal heritage by sound of his name), serves I guess 8 years in prison at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Gone are his dreams and his families expectation of him to become someone great. 

Isola ‘a rapist‘ now on the sex offenders list, an acquired criminal record for life.  We hear that ‘Isola after plying a 14-year-old girl with booze until she passed out and then assaulting her. Ishola Adeyomi Adeoye, aged 26, from Bermondsey met the girl in Plumstead in October 2010 and took her back to his home in Woolwich.

aware of her age, he gave her alcohol, waited until she passed out and then raped her.The victim awoke in the morning and was not aware of what she had been subjected to. Later that same day, having returned home, she began to feel in pain and realised that something may have happened.
What a shame, what a waste, I can just hope this will be a big lesson for all our brothers and sons out there, like they say ‘ you cant do the time, then don’t do the crime’!